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F*** your afk flying mount. F*** being able to just fly straight up and avoid pvp on a pvp server. But people like this make me believe again. Sorry bad image resolution but it’s the best he’s got posted. Good stuff, reminds me of Angwe.

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UPDATE: Up yours, Warner Music Group. To hell with you and everything you stand for.

Trailer/Deleted scenes/Out-takes just kinda thrown together. No, I don’t care. Fine, don’t watch it. Full movie in a week. Give or take.

On second thought that’s a pretty bad trailer, way too long intro cuts and doesn’t give much of an idea what the movie is about. Mostly it’s about waterfalls, jumping and exploration. If you’re looking for arena rating, exploits, pve raiding or stuff you’ve never seen before this might not be for you.

Plan is to push this on Youtube and wherever, then links in description to full movie. Which I’m sure means a ton of people won’t watch it. But how else to get around Youtube’s WMG nazi-style clampdown on putting cool music on cool videos?

Full movie might end up on Viddler as streamable.

Not putting it up on WCM – just can’t stand the people there, really. Too much hassle and people there aren’t interested unless:

1. you’re a prior big name

2. you’ve got arena rating coming out of your nostrils

3. you’re exploiting

4. world first

5. you’re using Model Viewer to make original film

Also – the Love Rocket is an affront to humanity and an insult to every single person who ever looked at a box of WoW and thought to themselves: “that looks like a really cool mmoRPg.”

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Normally I don’t care much for model viewer/music/machinima stuff – it’s creative and all, but only the in-joke references and the models usually have anything to do with the actual game. But yeah, this is …GOOD. And funny. Very high quality.

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First movie I ever made, NSFW, contains part of a now banned Pennywise video that was filmed inside a bar they turned into a stripclub and apparently didn’t check – or didn’t check rigorously enough – the ID’s of the “open audition” girls who showed up to be in a punk rock video:

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Hard at work here on CB06: Waterfalls Exploration. Looking awesome so far, but having a hard time with music selection and gonna be a royal pain to even attempt to synchronize SOME of it.

Pathologist/Urge/dyF1.6 pioneered fast-twitch editing. Nothing incredible gameplay-wise, but yeah. The guy with the youtube channel has some connection to Pathologist, dunno what. They share music and/or video. The part at 1:55 is just brilliant editing, images that have stuck with me for years.

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Best of WoW addition:

  1. Explorer http://www.youtube.com/user/EnhacementReznik

You’ve got from now until the next expansion to see a bunch of cool stuff that they never wanted you to see. This guy is about as complete and dedicated as they come. Yes, he spelled his youtube name kinda funny.

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*Plug: Director’s Cut Music Video Version: http://www.filefront.com/15356503/CB05.5%20Director%27s%20Music%20Video%20Cut.mp4


ThinkTank closed its doors and gave me a bunch of traffic that really should’ve gone to Rawr (Allev & Astrylian) or Feral Aggression or The Fluid Druid.



If I sometimes see far, it’s because I stand on the shoulders of giants. Which sounds cliche and trite but is actually true in this instance. I’m not a theorycrafter and you won’t find solutions to your gearing issues or game mechanics here. I excel at finding out information on how other people have already solved my problems, though – and I’m very happy to freeload on their hard work. Yeay. Less work for me.



Yeah. Big old biggest-beer-glass that can be bought at Ikea, filled with goodness from a mini-keg, and then a triple Bacardi + Coke and working on the next movie in Final Cut Express. Spending 5 hours working on 3-4 seconds of intro is ridiculous – but I’m an artist, ok? I don’t give a flying rat’s arse if you watch this or not, but damn I always wanted to put stylized smoke or that dye-into-water effect (think James Bond smoke movie intro) in a movie of mine. It’s bloody hard learning sometimes. Lots of searching and asking questions.


That’s WTF.

Movie’s looking way too long right now – tons of stuff I want in, gotta kill most of the bug exploit stuff and keep the amazing visuals and get the colours right (F*** your “color” – it’s “COLOUR” ok, – capisce??).

Gotta cut cut cut cut cut. Keep the flow, keep the amazing keep the omgholy****noway feeling. Keep the truth. This isn’t about model viewer bull**** or some stupid rap song (not that rap is stupid, but someone’s homemade rap about a blood elf this or that is generally pretty crappy, which is about the only thing me and Baron Soosdon agree on). This is an expression of the artist playing a computer game that’s pretty frickin’ awesome.


Time to go to work.

UPDATE: All footage cleared. 700-900 raw film files. CB06 Waterfalls Exploration. Font voxBox. Workflow much improved. Open timeline sequence approach. Should start off in timeline being several hours long and get crunched down to ~10-20min at the last possible minute – makes things go much smoother to just have one active layer at a time. Music mostly good to go.

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