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Random Dungeon Finder rules to live by

Inspired by this:

…which I thought was rather rude and condescending, even for someone as arrogant and grumpy as I.

1. One random dungeon per day for 2x Emblem of Frost. One FoS for Needle Scorpion. That’s it, unless a guildie/friend needs something from another of the new heroics.

2. Always ask in guildchat first. No takers whisper everyone in the /who list of the next two most progressed alliance guilds on the server – Majestas and The Dark Passion.

3. My tanking gear is plenty good for tanking in pvp spec, so that’s what I do because I still have the tanking skills to make things smooth and fast. Overgearing stuff makes it easy and fast and somewhat fun but devoid of all sense of challenge or achievement.

4. If you ask nicely I might help you with something unless it’s inconvenient.

5. If there’s time and you want to do an optional boss then what the hell.

6. Wipes happen. Run back. I will probably not rez you if I’ve ran back and you chose not to and you’re not my guildie or friend. You’ll leave or get votekicked and we’ll find a replacement superquick because we don’t need a tank (I’m it) and we’ll be better off without you most likely.

7. Asshattery will be met with votekickedry.

8. Roll NEED on the Battered Hilt and we can talk about it afterward. It’s a fun quest and I’ve already done it. I’m assuming I’d be able to check see if you’ve done the quest. Yes, there’s an addon available that let’s you fake completed achievements. Dunno if it could be used to pretend you hadn’t done the quest. You might decide to not do the quest and sell the item just so you could pull this “oh I wanna do the quest” routine again. If you seem like a decent person or if you’re in my guild or a decent person on my server I’ll probably give it to you if I win it. If you then sell it without doing the quest I’ll make sure people on the server know about it.

9. I have a low tolerance for spam or extremely derogatory remarks. Of any kind. But I’m not gonna let that get in the way of 2x Emblem of Frost for my T10 gear. You’ll probably just be on an ignore list.

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