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*Plug: Director’s Cut Music Video Version: http://www.filefront.com/15356503/CB05.5%20Director%27s%20Music%20Video%20Cut.mp4


ThinkTank closed its doors and gave me a bunch of traffic that really should’ve gone to Rawr (Allev & Astrylian) or Feral Aggression or The Fluid Druid.



If I sometimes see far, it’s because I stand on the shoulders of giants. Which sounds cliche and trite but is actually true in this instance. I’m not a theorycrafter and you won’t find solutions to your gearing issues or game mechanics here. I excel at finding out information on how other people have already solved my problems, though – and I’m very happy to freeload on their hard work. Yeay. Less work for me.



Yeah. Big old biggest-beer-glass that can be bought at Ikea, filled with goodness from a mini-keg, and then a triple Bacardi + Coke and working on the next movie in Final Cut Express. Spending 5 hours working on 3-4 seconds of intro is ridiculous – but I’m an artist, ok? I don’t give a flying rat’s arse if you watch this or not, but damn I always wanted to put stylized smoke or that dye-into-water effect (think James Bond smoke movie intro) in a movie of mine. It’s bloody hard learning sometimes. Lots of searching and asking questions.


That’s WTF.

Movie’s looking way too long right now – tons of stuff I want in, gotta kill most of the bug exploit stuff and keep the amazing visuals and get the colours right (F*** your “color” – it’s “COLOUR” ok, – capisce??).

Gotta cut cut cut cut cut. Keep the flow, keep the amazing keep the omgholy****noway feeling. Keep the truth. This isn’t about model viewer bull**** or some stupid rap song (not that rap is stupid, but someone’s homemade rap about a blood elf this or that is generally pretty crappy, which is about the only thing me and Baron Soosdon agree on). This is an expression of the artist playing a computer game that’s pretty frickin’ awesome.


Time to go to work.

UPDATE: All footage cleared. 700-900 raw film files. CB06 Waterfalls Exploration. Font voxBox. Workflow much improved. Open timeline sequence approach. Should start off in timeline being several hours long and get crunched down to ~10-20min at the last possible minute – makes things go much smoother to just have one active layer at a time. Music mostly good to go.

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Machinima takes effort.

PvP videos do not. Go there, kill people, load clips to Windows Movie Maker, insert shitty emo music like Linkin Park etc, upload, get over 9000 views in a second and instawin.

– Baron Soosdoon, well-known WoW machinima maker

I don’t know what to tell you, but that’s about the most naive, arrogant and misinformed thing I’ve seen in a while regarding anything connected to WoW and film-making.

Funny how people with no PvP skills complain about those who do.

Funny how people who don’t like to PvE complain so much about those who do.

Funny how people (me included) get so up in arms about their own personal methods, art or way of expressing themselves not being everyone else’s favourite. Tunnel vision, I guess.

In his defense, though:

If there is a god, he hates us.

Blood elf rap is the inquestionable proof about that, a punishment of our sins.

I hope this genre burns in hell for all eternity.

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happened onto a blog post that lead to


Good artist. Well worth $5.

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