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Pvp on a Pvp server, complaining.

It’s a social game, you are allowed to call for reinforcements.

It’s a PVP server, why do you insist on only doing PVE or “fair” (i.e., instanced or 1:1 ratio) PVP?

You have a flying mount, you’re functionally immune to PVP while on it and more than 40 yards from the ground.

No-one’s holding a gun to your head forcing you to be on a PVP server, or forcing you to go outside the cities where you can queue and re-queue and teleport back and forth to your precious little heart’s content.

So, why complain mang?

1. Don’t be on a pvp server if you don’t like unfair pvp. Transfer to a PVE server.
2. Call friends.
3. Make friends.
4. Call guildies.
5. Find someplace else to level.
6. Corpse-run towards guards. Then hearth or get summoned.
7. Always be in a queue of one sort or another.
8. Level another character.
9. Network with people facing the same problem.
10. Go make a sammich. Eat the sammich. Check the AH on your bank alt.
11. Go talk to people on another server, preferably a PVE server.
12. Just leave, we don’t want non-PVPers on our PVP servers.
13. Level in BGs.
14. Level in dungeons.
15. Level only in groups with other players, pref. your friends. More people = more ideas on how to overcome common obstacles and have fun together.

You’ve got 15 alternatives.

The more I think about this, the more I realize it’s a reflection of two different types of people, or their approach to life and social justice:


  • -You are not responsible for what happened to you
  • -You are always morally right
  • -You are not accountable to anyone for anything
  • -You are forever entitled to sympathy
  • -You are always justified in feeling moral indignation for being wronged
  • -You never have to be responsible again for anything


Liberty is a concept in political philosophy that identifies the condition in which human beings are able to govern themselves, to behave according to their own free will, and take responsibility for their actions. 

Forgive the last one, I couldn’t find anything good on wikipedia that was similar to the regular, run-of-the-mill social conservative/GOP type definition of personal responsibility.

The “Victimhood”-seekers are the people who don’t see how they should be held accountable for choosing to roll on a PVP server. They instead focus on how bad or evil the people are who take advantage of the rules or the in-game situations to gank/camp/grief them, even when the rules explicitly allow things like killing a character 80 levels below them.

The people who focus on the idea of “Personal Responsibility” generally believe that life or the game is fair to begin with, the good rise to the top and the bad fall beneath their feet. They focus on taking individual account of the action of clicking “Yes, I’d like a PVP server, please.”

Liberal or Conservative? Personal Responsibility or Let’s-all-be-friends-and-work-together? Should the people who take the time and effort to get good/high level/gear/skills/knowledge reap the rewards or should they be considerate for those who have not (yet)?

Take your pick.


We are unable to assist with the following issues:

  • Actions that would typically be considered “dishonorable” are considered legitimate PvP tactics and will not be addressed by our Game Master (GM) staff. “Dishonorable” actions include, but are not limited to:
  • Corpse camping.
  • Tricking players into getting flagged for PvP (i.e. jumping in the middle of another player’s area effect spell).
  • Killing players well below your level.

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Funny story.



Never been banned.

Have gotten a lot of people banned though.

I don’t like being harassed.

Like when I was mind controlling Gamon (with exciting NEW Death Knight punting abilities at Wrath launch) and kicking the AH bots away from the auctioneers. Occasionally I would find an actual player. Sometimes he would say mean words. I’d remind him that Gamon is A) Mind Controllable and B) able to kick players so C) clever use of game mechanics. One particular person was incredibly insistent that I go fornicate myself. I jokingly mentioned that “instead of buffing Shadow Priest, they gave us a new puppet so we had something to entertain us while the viable DPS are raiding”. He snarkily insinuated that my mother was of ill repute. I alerted him to my distaste on the subject (my mother, not her ill repute), and ignored him. He switched characters to take another shot at her reputation. I reminded him that circumventing ignore for repeated harassment was bannable, assured him that (although his knowledge of my mother was unnatural) the subject was uncomfortable, ignored him, and proceeded to punt him so he couldn’t log out (it kept him in combat and constantly interrupted his logout timer). He eventually made it to another alt. And another.

A day later his GM informed me that I was a series of terrible names, and I had just gotten their main tank banned for the weekend raid. The next day, the GM returned on a separate (unbanned) account to inform me that I had just gotten their off-tank banned for the weekend raid.

Two days later, I received many hurtful letters from many guildies explaining how I was a very bad person and their guild is falling apart because of me. It was about this time that a GM informed me that Gamon would not have his punt next patch, as many people have complained about it. I was however, free to “enjoy it while I can”, because it IS indeed hilarious, and although he approves, it is impacting the experiences of others in an (arguably) negative way. He assured me that no negative actions would be taken against my account, and he was sorry for the attitude of the recently disbanded guild.

A day after that, I received another letter, this time from the wife of the former GM, saying that both of his accounts were permanently closed for A) continued harassment B) circumventing ignore requests C) directing his guild to harass another player D) ignoring temporary bans and multiple warnings to cease harassment on the innocent, raidless Priest.

She then thanked me for giving him a reason to quit this time sink and spend more time with his five (lawl breeder) children. His combined 200 days /played would now sit, frozen in time, as a testament to my glory.

I then logged out. Took a deep breath, and laughed harder than I ever believed possible.

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