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This blog is dead, yo.

CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/

Stop caring.

I’m done. Haven’t played in months. Got some footage for CB07 but no desire to edit or publish (but will eventually, just for my own creative desire). Got no desire to Cataclysm.

Got real life PvP issues to deal with. Work. Women. Phys Rehab stuff. Crossfit. Triathlons. Injuries. More work.

Peace. Vaya con Dios.




EDIT: The Cataclysm edition of the WoW official forums will apparently (unless they change it) be with your real first and last name and the option to display the name of your ‘main’ character. I’m guessing this’ll mean we’ll see some ugly rl stuff, crimes, murders and beatings. I hate you so I’ll google you and find out where you live and go f*** you up. Otoh I think it’ll be positive overall and lead to a greater degree of personal accountability on the internet. Sure, people will get hacked and have their lives destroyed online but that **** happens and people will realize it.

(EDIT in an EDIT: …or not, they backed off. Here’s to hoping they find a way where girls and kids can be mostly anonymous but there’ll still be some sort of accountability. 4chan style internet can go to hell for all I care.)

So here’s the reasons I’m still not interested in playing Cataclysm-style WoW:

* Lack of server communities. I have more in common with a few feral players and theorists that I’ve never met, played with or talked to than I have with the vast majority of the people on my old servers or the people in my old guilds.

* Names. Sorry, not interested in seeing “Internet the Explorer” of the guild <Web Browser> in BGs and the like. http://www.wowbash.com/top100.html I realize that makes me pen & paper RPG old-school and silly. Oh well, you enjoy your game. My old dungeon master back in the day would’ve had my *** in a sling if I tried that crap.

* Flying mounts and lack of unstructured world pvp. Original wow you traveled on roads because the woods and areas off the road were too dangerous to just ride through. An epic mount was a big deal and a huge advantage. So both factions’ players on the same road you can imagine caused some conflict. It was a bit of a war. Now you mount up and disappear and go afk or w/e. And soon the entire world will be an afk player’s paradise. Up yours, you non-pvper on a pvp server.

* Graphics style. Huge weapons. Massive explosions with every single button press. Remember the original feral graphical effects like the Red slashes from Ravage, Shred etc? Yeah, I dug that. Getting a Ravage in felt pretty cool. Now the main feral attack is a huge red swirly maelstrom explosion. Dude …wtf is that even supposed to represent? Chunky buildings with way too many angular breaks. Meh. Oh well, I guess today’s consumers want it loud and garish and explody. You all enjoy. I’m sincerely happy for you if you enjoy that Xbox Live type stuff. No collision avoidance. Sure I’ll drive my motorcycle (cars, soon?) straight through your Tauren on an ostrich. Up yours, orc warlocks on star ponies. NPCs that never sleep or move – yep, it’s not all that immersive is it? It’s just a game. I wanted it to be a world full of war and danger. Not necessarily full of crafting, unless you mean ‘crafty’ as in sneaky, skull-duggery type craftiness.

* Too many buttons and too much homogenization. Remember when (I’m starting to repeat myself, yeah yeah) the pvp trinket was the main and usually only ‘out’ you had? Now it’s …pop this, then that, then he’ll pop this ability and you have to …god, the counter-counters to the counter is a bit much. Mushrooms coming out my butt and then an on-demand trigger? Thanks, I’ll pass. Feral never needed more abilities, except maybe Cat Charge which was intuitive since rl cats have greater tendency than rl bears to go really far really fast through the air.


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