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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/

Fury Warrior with full BOA gear in BGs from lvl 10 through 29, after that it becomes …not all that much fun anymore.

Tooling around on a 71 feral druid tricked out in mostly BOA and AH stuff, learning PvP all over again in BGs. I never really became good at PvP, plus the spec kinda held me back a little bit maybe, so I’m hoping this learning experience will enable me to take my main and kick some butt inside cities for a last movie. Or not.

Still unhappy with the way they went with instanced content and cross-server content at the expense of server communities and the WORLD of WARcraft. I never really cared much for the “craft” part of WoW. But I did care about the WORLD and the WAR.

Now I’m in BGs fighting people named “Television” and “Hahahahaha”?? “Ipwnsomuc”?

Not interested in playing long-term anymore.

Happened on some interesting tidbits about how Alterac Valley and WSG was originally meant to be *IN* the game-world, but they had to go the instanced way since they couldn’t make it even remotely fair. Which is understandable. Hat’s off to the developers for making a great game that’s insanely successful.

Funny how I’ve been playing for five years, mostly on, a bit off – and I still consider myself a PvP noob. I have flashes of brilliance though. Winning a 3v1 against higher-levels on my Fury Warrior in WSG. Sure, gear was a part of it, split-second timing and stance-dancing another part. Jumping from the bottom to the top of the WSG flag room is kinda cool, too.

EDIT: “Turdnugget”, “Analdespair”?? Have fun guys, you all enjoy this game. Are you seriously telling me it’s too much for Blizzard to disallow terms like “Turd” and “Anal” in the character name creation filters? You gotta be kidding me. Or maybe I’m just too old and cranky and don’t realize that “It’s just a game”.

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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/


The following is the text of what I originally wrote as my reasons for leaving the game when the Acct Mgmt page asks you why. Apparently it’s too long and the page just reboots when you put this in and try to cancel. So I’m posting here and trying to cancel without giving a reason or somesuch. Acct time runs out June 30th iirc. Hopefully by then I’ll be well on my way to do the irl pvp thing.


TLDR: Lack of a “WORLD” in the world of warcraft. Plus pushing the enforcement of server rules, naming rules, forum moderation onto the player base. Specifically the Naming Policy, with grumpy old me just not happy with seeing people run around with racist or sexual or massively-high-ASCII names.

Log in.
Instanced raid.
Instanced arena.
Instanced BG.
Instanced dungeon.
Log out.

Sound like fun and interesting MMO story-driven gameplay to you?

Take away the teleports. Make BGs a part of the open world. Make raids a part of the open world. Make flying mounts just as dangerous as ground mounts. Give everyone a way to dismount people hovering afk. Give everyone an auto-parachute. Stop faction transfers. Promote server communities instead of battlegroup anonymous instanced content. Stop people posting on alts.

What’s the lore justification for being able to click a button and teleport out of a dungeon or Wintergrasp?

You’re right, there isn’t one. It’s not a story anymore. It’s not a world anymore. It’s just a collection of instances with some fancy scenery in between.

You ban me from the forums but prefer to keep the anonymous alts posting hate and vitriol. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll be very successful with the convenience now-first-last-and-always crowd. RP rulesets that aren’t enforced unless players complain??

How many character names do you expect me to report every day? 10?

At which point does too much become TOO MUCH?

Players on Normal and PVP servers are there because they don’t care if someone is named “Darthbunny” or “Arthasxxlol” or “éûzzøolπ”. But there’s absolutely no support whatsoever of naming regs on RP and RP-PVP servers. “Turdburglar”? “Skinheadswp”? “Analboi”?

You push ALL of the responsibility for this onto the playerbase, and I’m not interested in fighting that uphill battle anymore. I no longer care about the environment on my server, since every single dungeon and BG I go into has people from different rulesets that I only see for a few minutes and then never again. Seen a few names now with one or two normal characters and the rest high-ASCII. What?

World pvp.
Tight-knit server communities.
Rivalries. Vendettas. Faction pride.

Congratulations, you’re hugely successful. But this game isn’t for me anymore.

Minor issues:

Tauren on flamingoes and dragonhawks. Graphics clipping. Invisible walls. Easy Raider ™. Lack of an Algalon unlockable encounter in ICC. Stop-gap stuff like the Argent Tournament. Lolburstlolpvp. Homogenizing classes. Overloading my UI and my skills at macro’ing together the 20-30 abilities I use on a regular basis in or COMING OUT OF cat form. And now you want to just add some more stuff? Mushrooms?? Life Grip? (A.k.a. “Griefer’s Paradise”). Greater Internet F***wad Theory haven on server and other forums. Sure the game is tons better now than it was back at 60 and pre-60. But it was also a WORLD back then. Now it’s just a collection of instances with some fancy stuff in between.

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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/


I’m not a talented artist or programmer or manager. The game would have had a cult of subscribers but not 11+ million.

Very little graphics clipping.

Very very few ways to get on a non-race-appropriate mount.

Little technology and no space stuff.

Mostly open-world endgame options, with a few instanced things here and there, usually involving the opposite faction.

Every non-lowbie zone village capturable, and some larger, more heavily defended cities like whatsitsname in Wetlands. Capture the village, the opposite faction questgivers move to the nearest town.

NPC night/day cycles. No more Hira Snowdawn (?) walking around selling bread in perpetuum or always finding the same guy in the same place repairing your gear.

Want your gear repaired? Find the dude by the forge/repair shop and then wait and watch while he does it.

Flying mounts? Sure, but you’d be just as vulnerable up in the air.

No more “summoning” mounts. You call them, they appear running out of the distance. Sorry no motorcycles.

Hero-class available after you CAP out your first char – making a DK is the reward. DKs have one tanking tree and two dps trees. All three specs have some pvp ability/utility.

Every person who targets you or sees you on the forums also sees the name of your highest-level/most-achieved/most-geared/highest HK number character. No more hiding on alts unless you have another acct. No more rude and filthy internet F***wads – your reputation and your actions will have consequences. Ignore one, ignore all on that acct.

Two-click reporting for everything.

Sorry no LFD, instead a focus on making it much much easier to build relationships and groups and pvp groups ON YOUR OWN REALM.

Probably no cross-server BGs either.

BGs are now open-world with WG-style Tenacity, and Tenacity being the “tuning knob” to make things semi-even.

Important NPCs like the faction leaders and BG mobs being adjusted continually as players accumulate gear.

No name changes.

No faction changes.

You are who you are. No more hiding. Faction pride. Server pride. Building long-lasting communities where what you do matters and has consequences.

Sorry you’re not riding a giant mammoth inside a city. You’re not hopping on a tiny little dragonhawk if you’re a Tauren.

Travel takes time. A LOT LESS teleports.

No invisible walls. If we need to stop you from going somewhere then there’ll be a fence or guards or a real wall or you’ll zone in/out.

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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/


More buttons for ferals. Not needed. Grow mushroom-traps? No thanks.

Most other changes seem positive to me, so overall a fairly good job. Sure, maybe ANOTHER interrupt was needed, but just adding and adding and homogenizing… meh. Not for me anymore. You all enjoy. I’ll be finishing up my world pvp movie and that’ll probably be it, with a new job and all that.

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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/


Trust me, you might want to skip this post.

$30 to change factions. Chain run heroics as a tank for a few hours. Get all the SKS I’d like for my little level-in-BGs for fun experiment (Fury Warrior atm, others to come maybe, just tooling around and learning alot about pvp). 3 days later I could pay another $30 to change back.


I’m on an RP-PVP server. Why? Maturity, generally. A pretty cool environment. Plus I get sick of seeing names like “Turdburglar” and “Leetrocketxx” and “Analicious”. Problem is now I’m in BGs on my alt and well, names like that are perfectly fine on non-RP realms, I guess. Problem is there’s massive numbers of alts coming onto my realm, even if I spent an hour a day reporting names I wouldn’t be able to keep up. I realize the vast majority of players don’t care about issues like this and just want a cool name and play the game. Ok, cool with me. Go hang out on a non-RP realm. Or come here and not get reported and enjoy it.

To hell with it all.

I’m inches away from letting it all go.

EDIT: $25.00 to transfer a VERY old character of mine (the first druid I ever played, played him to 55, then quit and gave it to a friend who took him to 60, then gave it back to me and I raided MC/BWL/AQ20 with him) from my old acct to my current server, Horde-side. Lvl 78 boomkin, just gonna chain BGs to 80 then tank my way to umpy-scratch OMG numbers of SKS whenever I need them.

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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/


AV 1.27

AB 1.41

WSG 1.37

EOTS 1.76

SOTA 1.43

Not, I repeat NOT – adjusted for 1. skill, 2. premades, 3. time of day, 4. day of week, 5. AFKers, 6. horribly bad sample quality. But it’s all I’ve got to go on.

That said, the new random BG feature has put a new emphasis on WINNING. I appreciate that.


Horde Alliance
Alterac Valley 235 185
Arathi Basin 141 100
Warsong Gulch 173 126
Eye of the Storm 97 55
Strand of the Ancients 73 51

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