You fucking kids.

You fucking kids.

60. Feral Druid. Raiding guild, or rather the ‘big’ guild’s feeder guild. Okay, I’m in Molten Core for the first time, hey man, what do I do, besides bring FR gear? You heal. Okay.

Six months later (or a year, I can’t remember, it was a while ago, before the colostomy and my wife dying) I said fuck it, I’m done with this healing shit and quit WoW for the first of three times. BWL up to killing Somethinglord whatsisface.


You fucking kids.


So apparently the wowriot page and post by Unethical is offline. Here’s a quick repost of what he said.


by Unethical, Level 32
Last updated at August 12, 2010, 2:59 am

Between spending the entire weekend getting ****ty and then spending the past 3 days at work for 10+ hours a day, I’ve barely even touched WoW this week. For better or worse, I didn’t exactly miss anything. Arena has reached a point where it is actually less interesting than grinding levels. That’s not saying it couldn’t be fun. It’s been fun in the past. The current problem is that there’s just a massive lack of interest in arena ranging all the way from the good teams to the random 1100 slaves. You’d think that with all of the upcoming tournaments you’d have a lot of people wanting to play. Not even teams practicing, just a widespread spike in arena interest (kind of like how you have infinity people mobbing the tennis courts when wimbledon is on).

People aren’t playing because there simply isn’t any reason to. To really captivate a player, a game has to be emotionally stimulating in addition to being fun to play. WoW used to be like that. People used to get pissed when they’d get ganked or lose a BG. Guilds would interrupt their raids to go grief other guilds outside of the raid zone. World bosses/events were a whole fun time having extravaganza of nerd rage. As a result of catering to casuals, WoW is constantly progressing away from what we once knew and loved. Blizzard knows who their target audience is. A dev really put it clearly –

There is no drama left in WoW, most of the drama and fun happened when there was random ganking or fighting over outdoor content. Games are memorable when they create emotion. However, there are separate issues with outdoor content. Usually large guilds dominate. They can create server lag. What do you do when your tank gets cycloned. Also flying mounts have ****** outdoor bosses. Also casuals don’t like emotion in games. They don’t like getting ganked, they don’t like feeling like they’re not skilled, they don’t like other people having things they can’t get. And unfortunately, there are 1000 casuals per 1 player like you or me.

When 2.0 hit people instantly stopped caring about all things that weren’t arena. Even in pve, first kills became increasingly marginalized as simply the result of brute forcing an encounter. Between flying mounts, summons, and being able to queue for dungeons/bgs from anywhere, your chance of actually encounterring another player outside of dalaran are hilariously low. Arena interest died quickly as well though. Because of the ladder system, you can essentially defeat an opponent without ever directly confronting them simply by queue dodging, sniping, or counter comping. Unless you’re korean, people don’t even give a **** if you win a tournament.

The point I’m getting at is that this game has long since been in a death spiral of there being less to do, and people giving less about the **** they’re doing. The result of this is that direct, hatred fueled nerd-on-nerd combat has entirely died out. Whether or not people will admit it, I know that they do care. Or at least they wish they still did. I think a lot of it has to do with a trend away from talking **** and GETTING SERIOUS. No one ******* gloats anymore or shoves a loss in someone’s face. Everyone wants to be bff’s with everyone else.

When I play smash bros, there are honestly more items thrown around the room than in the game and even people that aren’t playing are talking ****. No one really cares about smash bros, but by getting into it you start caring about winning simply on the principle of bragging rights.

For the most part, BGs back at 60 were no different. Especially before cross server bgs went up, you know who you were going up against and you definitely cared about owning them. Ya honor mattered, but for the most part you wanted to win just so that you could talk **** and they couldn’t. Don’t lie, we all know it to be true.

I’m making a request that everyone immediately start constantly talking **** when they play. I believe the last instance of nerds talking mad **** was chumpjohn’s “feels like 22 points.” You do not have to start off with this, but it’s alright to aspire to such greatness. Keep it simple if you aren’t an avid **** talker, especially if it’s a complete stranger you’ll be insulting. Simply drop a “pathetic.” if you can’t think of anything better. Insantly message someone if they forget to bubble/block or do anything even slightly wrong that you can play off as the sole cause of their team’s loss. Playing with Crysalid has allowed me to inherit such gems as “that was easy” and “you actually think this game takes skill. pathetic.”

If you’re looking for an easy target, seek out neurological for that is where the hidden treasure lies. He gets unreasonable bent out of shape about any trash talked. He got mad after I won a duel and told him that it was easy and said I only won because of pve gear. I simply replied that he couldn’t expect to defeat a full god when he’s not even a baby god. I received essays of rage as a result. It was glorious.

Feel free to get more personal. Make fun of minor for being a walrus. Ask realz if his target acquisition software malfunctioned that match. Tell morphe that if he wants his character to advance in rating he should just pay minor to play for him again. /meow at zilea or create a macro that chains /use hearthstone /stopcasting. Hate on talbadarfor actually wearing jean shorts. Call into question trance’s filipino half (and pray that he doesn’t lucy liu rage on you and collect your head). Ask enforcer how he feels about the overkill nerf. Give seastonez **** about being declared not good enough to play with cirranis. Somehow relate snutz’s loss to his MDMA induced experimentation with mogorash. Name every single TR character some variation of bens.

Especially when people don’t know what you look like, insulting how they look is super effective. Call zyz beiber. Give inflame **** about wearing a wife beater and looking like eminem. Tell mayo and kalimist to fix their dirty ******* hair.

“Nice choke, didn’t see that one coming” is particularly appropriate for spoh. Video below for those of you that haven’t seen it. I wish there was still such shame in the eyes of players after suffering defeat.

It’s a social game, you are allowed to call for reinforcements.

It’s a PVP server, why do you insist on only doing PVE or “fair” (i.e., instanced or 1:1 ratio) PVP?

You have a flying mount, you’re functionally immune to PVP while on it and more than 40 yards from the ground.

No-one’s holding a gun to your head forcing you to be on a PVP server, or forcing you to go outside the cities where you can queue and re-queue and teleport back and forth to your precious little heart’s content.

So, why complain mang?

1. Don’t be on a pvp server if you don’t like unfair pvp. Transfer to a PVE server.
2. Call friends.
3. Make friends.
4. Call guildies.
5. Find someplace else to level.
6. Corpse-run towards guards. Then hearth or get summoned.
7. Always be in a queue of one sort or another.
8. Level another character.
9. Network with people facing the same problem.
10. Go make a sammich. Eat the sammich. Check the AH on your bank alt.
11. Go talk to people on another server, preferably a PVE server.
12. Just leave, we don’t want non-PVPers on our PVP servers.
13. Level in BGs.
14. Level in dungeons.
15. Level only in groups with other players, pref. your friends. More people = more ideas on how to overcome common obstacles and have fun together.

You’ve got 15 alternatives.

The more I think about this, the more I realize it’s a reflection of two different types of people, or their approach to life and social justice:


  • -You are not responsible for what happened to you
  • -You are always morally right
  • -You are not accountable to anyone for anything
  • -You are forever entitled to sympathy
  • -You are always justified in feeling moral indignation for being wronged
  • -You never have to be responsible again for anything


Liberty is a concept in political philosophy that identifies the condition in which human beings are able to govern themselves, to behave according to their own free will, and take responsibility for their actions. 

Forgive the last one, I couldn’t find anything good on wikipedia that was similar to the regular, run-of-the-mill social conservative/GOP type definition of personal responsibility.

The “Victimhood”-seekers are the people who don’t see how they should be held accountable for choosing to roll on a PVP server. They instead focus on how bad or evil the people are who take advantage of the rules or the in-game situations to gank/camp/grief them, even when the rules explicitly allow things like killing a character 80 levels below them.

The people who focus on the idea of “Personal Responsibility” generally believe that life or the game is fair to begin with, the good rise to the top and the bad fall beneath their feet. They focus on taking individual account of the action of clicking “Yes, I’d like a PVP server, please.”

Liberal or Conservative? Personal Responsibility or Let’s-all-be-friends-and-work-together? Should the people who take the time and effort to get good/high level/gear/skills/knowledge reap the rewards or should they be considerate for those who have not (yet)?

Take your pick.


We are unable to assist with the following issues:

  • Actions that would typically be considered “dishonorable” are considered legitimate PvP tactics and will not be addressed by our Game Master (GM) staff. “Dishonorable” actions include, but are not limited to:
  • Corpse camping.
  • Tricking players into getting flagged for PvP (i.e. jumping in the middle of another player’s area effect spell).
  • Killing players well below your level.

Funny story.



Never been banned.

Have gotten a lot of people banned though.

I don’t like being harassed.

Like when I was mind controlling Gamon (with exciting NEW Death Knight punting abilities at Wrath launch) and kicking the AH bots away from the auctioneers. Occasionally I would find an actual player. Sometimes he would say mean words. I’d remind him that Gamon is A) Mind Controllable and B) able to kick players so C) clever use of game mechanics. One particular person was incredibly insistent that I go fornicate myself. I jokingly mentioned that “instead of buffing Shadow Priest, they gave us a new puppet so we had something to entertain us while the viable DPS are raiding”. He snarkily insinuated that my mother was of ill repute. I alerted him to my distaste on the subject (my mother, not her ill repute), and ignored him. He switched characters to take another shot at her reputation. I reminded him that circumventing ignore for repeated harassment was bannable, assured him that (although his knowledge of my mother was unnatural) the subject was uncomfortable, ignored him, and proceeded to punt him so he couldn’t log out (it kept him in combat and constantly interrupted his logout timer). He eventually made it to another alt. And another.

A day later his GM informed me that I was a series of terrible names, and I had just gotten their main tank banned for the weekend raid. The next day, the GM returned on a separate (unbanned) account to inform me that I had just gotten their off-tank banned for the weekend raid.

Two days later, I received many hurtful letters from many guildies explaining how I was a very bad person and their guild is falling apart because of me. It was about this time that a GM informed me that Gamon would not have his punt next patch, as many people have complained about it. I was however, free to “enjoy it while I can”, because it IS indeed hilarious, and although he approves, it is impacting the experiences of others in an (arguably) negative way. He assured me that no negative actions would be taken against my account, and he was sorry for the attitude of the recently disbanded guild.

A day after that, I received another letter, this time from the wife of the former GM, saying that both of his accounts were permanently closed for A) continued harassment B) circumventing ignore requests C) directing his guild to harass another player D) ignoring temporary bans and multiple warnings to cease harassment on the innocent, raidless Priest.

She then thanked me for giving him a reason to quit this time sink and spend more time with his five (lawl breeder) children. His combined 200 days /played would now sit, frozen in time, as a testament to my glory.

I then logged out. Took a deep breath, and laughed harder than I ever believed possible.





Tichondrius is one of the oldest wow pvp servers, and got very crowded due to its reputation as a spot where good pvpers hung out. This lead to long queues to log in, which pissed people off on the server.

1. People would come onto the server forum (now no longer accessible due to multiple official wow forum revamps) and ask questions like “Is this server good?” which lead to:

2. Players already on the server wanting to keep more players from rolling new characters (“toons”) on an already overburdened server.

3. Someone started the server motto of “Tich Is Not For You.”

4. The motto was photoshopped into numerous images.

5. Images posted in “Tichondrius Is Not For You” thread.

The thread is no longer accessble. Very few of the images still are. They were funny. I’d like to see them again and put them up on my blog or someplace where they’ll last.

This is pure speculation.

  1. Implementing some sort of dismounting-parachute system along the lines of what I’ve previously proposed in this blog and elsewhere (MMOC etc.) would be a very time-consuming and unstable, i.e. bug-prone thing to do, and only benefit ~50% of the playerbase. Less than that, even, as many people on Pvp servers simply don’t want to be bothered, esp. when they’re on the under-populated side of the server.
  2. Sanctuary Auras – I’d like to punch …never mind. The Horde and Alliance should come together as one and work for a common benefit, as part of the lore and all that. No fighting, please, we’re at war.
  3. It was too damn much to work with in TBC so they stuck to the “Flying Mounts give Pvp immunity or damn near” paradigm and it’s worked fairly well since then, pushing those pesky Pvpers into instances and arenas and BGs with objectives and all that where they can’t hurt the raiders trying to get into their raid instances or the alts or the newbies leveling up.
  4. Rp servers and Pvp servers cause the most number of GM tickets in the game [blue post source]. People don’t like to be bothered when they’re just hanging out, or just farming or questing or traveling. You sit down in front of the computer, you figure out what it is that you want to do, you get going on doing it and WHAM someone inconveniently stops you from doing it. Imagine you’re on your bank alt and someone kills the bankers or auctioneers. HOW DARE THEY? The easier and more prevalent such things become, the more trouble for the GMs and Blizzard and the less smooth the progression for the vast majority of the players. More trouble – less revenue and more expenses. That leads to less money left over to hire more artists and developers and dungeon designers. That means less content.
  5. People don’t want empty sandboxes. They want risk-less gameplay, certain rewards and a theme-park experience where everything is safe and secure and fun and you’re assured that whether you win or lose the BG or dungeon or raid – you’re still assured of some points or badges or tokens or whatever. In a raid, even if you don’t get the drop you want, at least you get some badges. Or points. If something gets in between you and that goal, you’re gonna be pissed.
  6. People roll on servers due to the friends/guild that’s on that server. The players have been progressively more conditioned to disregard the difference between Pve and Pvp servers. To change that dynamic now would be a drastic, painful and unpopular thing to do.
  7. Instances and BGs and arenas are simple, modular content that can be churned out reliably and on-time and won’t cause a bunch of lag or more GM tickets compared to outdoor open world content. It simply doesn’t make sense to make content that focuses people out in the world with tangible rewards, esp. on the lop-sided servers that are almost the rule these days. Or rather – they FEEL like the rule. You’re more likely to remember that one time you got roflstomped by 5 opposing-faction players than you’re likely to remember the five times you and your friends steamrolled that one enemy player.
  8. WG and Tenacity failed. Blizz realized that it has to be 1:1 Pvp ratios or the whole thing craps the potato-field. Hence Tol Barad on a separate server, no flying mounts there, a timer and all that. This is enjoyable and no-downside-content for Pvpers and Pve’ers alike, no matter what server you’re on. You click the queue, you accept the summon and you know what’s going on and there’s obvious informed consent right before you enter into combat. Unlike the not so obvious consent when you pick a Pvp server. It’s there and most people know about it, but they also know about flying mounts and the fact that it’s pretty hard to camp a thinking player these days.
  9. The LFD system and the queue-for-BGs system was a resounding success. The Xbox and Playstation crowd finally got their near-instant queues with no social interaction or organization required. Push a button and BAM – you’re fighting bosses and collecting loot. With the effect that the world of warcraft outside, the open part, is mostly just for farming and leveling and archaeology botting. Err, I mean archaeology GRINDING.
  10. Making people able to initiate Pvp at will again on Pvp servers would not make for a shiny, eye-catching bullet point in an expansion or patch announcement – and less than half of the playerbase would like it. The majority would be annoyed that Blizzard caters to “griefers” (i.e., Pvpers) instead of focusing on churning out more “content” (i.e., another raid), a few would be outright pissed off – those who rolled on Pvp servers to raid or play with friends – and a minority would squeal in joy at the chance to make use of their arena/RBG-sourced gear against others of such ilk. Or failing that, against others lacking such gear, like alts and newbies and freshly dinged levelcap people.

So, there you have it, fellas and chicas – it’s simply not in Blizzard’s (or yours, probably) best interest to have people be able to initiate Pvp on Pvp servers left and right and up and down and whenever. It’s simply better for the overall success of the game that we be able to go Pvp Immune-damn-near just by mounting up and flying straight up for a few seconds.

1. Get to level cap. Complete all normal first-tier dungeons before you unlock any first-tier Heroic dungeons.

2. Complete all first-tier dungeons on Heroic before you can zone into the first raid tier (Heroic or normal) or second-tier dungeons on normal.

3. Complete the first tier of raids to unlock the second tier of raids and complete the second tier of dungeons on normal to unlock those same dungeons on Heroic.

Simple even stepping-stone to make sure that everyone in Heroics has seen that dungeon – and all other dungeons – on normal on that character before they’re messing with Heroic modes.

Make sure that there are weekly raid quests for old-tier raids so that someone who comes to an expansion kinda late has a chance to “catch up” to their guild. Weekly raid quests should never be for “current” tier content, always for old, easy stuff. No-one should ever have to wait more than a week or at most two, for their guild to do a run through an old tier to complete the weekly raid quests and incidentally get someone’s alt or a new raider keyed up.

4. Every time you defeat a tier’s end boss you get a BoA libram. That libram can be used to unlock that difficulty and everything of lesser difficulty for one of your alts.

Gets new people a chance to see more content. Makes more people appreciate all the hard work and the storyline of each expansion.

Pisses off a few hardcore raiders.

No rep grinds to unlock stuff.

No specific drops or annoying quests that require you to run back and forth. Just kill the end boss of this or that and now the character you’re currently on is ready for the next step, while one of your alts is ready to step into the stuff you just completed.


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