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First movie I ever made, NSFW, contains part of a now banned Pennywise video that was filmed inside a bar they turned into a stripclub and apparently didn’t check – or didn’t check rigorously enough – the ID’s of the “open audition” girls who showed up to be in a punk rock video:

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Hard at work here on CB06: Waterfalls Exploration. Looking awesome so far, but having a hard time with music selection and gonna be a royal pain to even attempt to synchronize SOME of it.

Pathologist/Urge/dyF1.6 pioneered fast-twitch editing. Nothing incredible gameplay-wise, but yeah. The guy with the youtube channel has some connection to Pathologist, dunno what. They share music and/or video. The part at 1:55 is just brilliant editing, images that have stuck with me for years.

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Best of WoW addition:

  1. Explorer http://www.youtube.com/user/EnhacementReznik

You’ve got from now until the next expansion to see a bunch of cool stuff that they never wanted you to see. This guy is about as complete and dedicated as they come. Yes, he spelled his youtube name kinda funny.

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*Plug: Director’s Cut Music Video Version: http://www.filefront.com/15356503/CB05.5%20Director%27s%20Music%20Video%20Cut.mp4


ThinkTank closed its doors and gave me a bunch of traffic that really should’ve gone to Rawr (Allev & Astrylian) or Feral Aggression or The Fluid Druid.



If I sometimes see far, it’s because I stand on the shoulders of giants. Which sounds cliche and trite but is actually true in this instance. I’m not a theorycrafter and you won’t find solutions to your gearing issues or game mechanics here. I excel at finding out information on how other people have already solved my problems, though – and I’m very happy to freeload on their hard work. Yeay. Less work for me.



Yeah. Big old biggest-beer-glass that can be bought at Ikea, filled with goodness from a mini-keg, and then a triple Bacardi + Coke and working on the next movie in Final Cut Express. Spending 5 hours working on 3-4 seconds of intro is ridiculous – but I’m an artist, ok? I don’t give a flying rat’s arse if you watch this or not, but damn I always wanted to put stylized smoke or that dye-into-water effect (think James Bond smoke movie intro) in a movie of mine. It’s bloody hard learning sometimes. Lots of searching and asking questions.


That’s WTF.

Movie’s looking way too long right now – tons of stuff I want in, gotta kill most of the bug exploit stuff and keep the amazing visuals and get the colours right (F*** your “color” – it’s “COLOUR” ok, – capisce??).

Gotta cut cut cut cut cut. Keep the flow, keep the amazing keep the omgholy****noway feeling. Keep the truth. This isn’t about model viewer bull**** or some stupid rap song (not that rap is stupid, but someone’s homemade rap about a blood elf this or that is generally pretty crappy, which is about the only thing me and Baron Soosdon agree on). This is an expression of the artist playing a computer game that’s pretty frickin’ awesome.


Time to go to work.

UPDATE: All footage cleared. 700-900 raw film files. CB06 Waterfalls Exploration. Font voxBox. Workflow much improved. Open timeline sequence approach. Should start off in timeline being several hours long and get crunched down to ~10-20min at the last possible minute – makes things go much smoother to just have one active layer at a time. Music mostly good to go.

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Released late last night. Plugged it on a bunch of forums and websites this morning. Now to sit back and let the Oscars committee come to me. Oooooor NOT. This isn’t exactly high-brow art – but there’s some cool visuals and good music and some fun stuff and I like it.

The music video version turned out OK and I can actually stand watching it a few times – not that there aren’t as usual fifteen different little things I’d like to fix now after the fact. A movie is never really finished – it’s just in different stages of being almost ready for release – so at some point you just gotta say “**** it – time to drop this *****”.

  • ORIGINAL Guide: How To Feral DPS

http://www.filefront.com/14885557/Guide How To Feral DPS.mp4
http://www.viddler.com/explore/parl2001/videos/2/ (Full Movie)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nuc5MhpekM (part 1 of 2)
http://www.wegame.com/watch/guide-how-to-feral-dps-part-one-of-two/ (part 1 of 2)

  • Things I got wrong (update):



  • Written Guide:

http://www.wowwiki.com/Feral_DPS_guide (hopefully to be updated by community)


The original video is up to about 160,000 views now (not counting re-uploads on overseas sites), the update isn’t that big of a deal but I figured I should at least address the common complaints (like “TOO FAST OMG HEAD EXPLODE”) and fix my mistakes.

Ghostcrawler: If you want to do the best damage possible, you need to be able to master a complex rotation. This is one of the features that attracts players to the Feral spec. However, it’s also pretty forgiving. If you just Shred, you’re going to do decent damage. If you Shred and try to keep up Savage Roar, it’s going to be better. If you can also manage your Mangles and Rips and Rakes, then you have the potential to do very high damage (assuming you don’t have to move around much and can reach the target’s back).

Now – here’s the crux: I worked my butt off to make these things. I did my research. I talked to Allev, Murna, Kalon, Aranor, Astrylian, Vallen and a bunch of other smart/good ferals about this. Ok, so my opinions might be wrong about a lot of things – but there is no way in hell I can make a guide and start off with a straight face saying you don’t need addons to play this spec well – or even remotely effectively. All dps specs face this issue to some extent – but the JOHN ****ING MADDEN design of this spec more or less makes average players like myself disproportionately dependent on the addons to get the job done to an approximate level of the people I’ve leveled with, geared with and raided with for a good two years now. Yep, I’m saying it’s unfair.

The way to show your mastery of a class and skill at performing should be evident in your play – not dependent on what addons you download or how you design your UI to get short-term buffs, threat meter, debuffs, energy, combo pts, your hp, target hp, cooldowns, boss timer bars, raid frame addons all fit someplace on the screen where you can easily monitor it all quickly while getting your much-harder-than-anyone-else’s positioning requirement right as well.

Sum up:
1. tons of stuff all over the screen
2. one of the more complex priority lists in the game, if not THE most complex
3. only dps spec with positioning requirement for main attack

You simply have to have addons to be nearly as effective as other specs using no addons given approximately same skill/gear etc.

EDIT: Just found a funny little cool thing. If you go to 3:47 in the video you’ll see a FC Cat from a front camera angle – apparently the front paws get a green glow during the jump. Looks kinda cool.

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Arbitrary number btw.

Plug: http://www.wowwiki.com/Feral_DPS_guide I spent way too much time on that page.

Old Laughing Skull pic I found that apparently doesn’t exist on the internet anymore and it should. I’m not Daya btw and I was never in BBz. I was in their feeder guild and Daya is a sick puppy indeed.


  1. BBz kites Nefarian screenshot http://coldbear.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/bbzkitesnef.jpg
  2. How To Do Top DPS in WoW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgDjG_0ecTI
  3. “Troll Regeneration must be nerfed.” http://www.wowwiki.com/User:Tgwitty/Troll_Regeneration
  4. Shaman – Halbrium’s “OH NO WHY IS ANIMALS ON MY FACE?!” http://www.wowwiki.com/Server:Tichondrius_US/Halbrium
  5. Frost Shooooock! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpoGKw6L4cM
  6. The Curious Case of Ferraro http://www.wow.com/2009/05/31/the-curious-case-of-ferarro/#continued
  7. Jimmy the Mage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeUhSjuhQYE
  8. Big Blue Dress Mage song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z29Rk8814w
  9. Rocket Boots movie

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Posted here so I can link it more easily for people who complain that the movie goes too fast.

Guide: How To Feral DPS
CB05: How To Feral DPS


[Astrylian gets his icon on all his comments]

[items in brackets are not narrated, flash backglow blue/black/white, slow fade] [Times given are in :Seconds]

Poster Frame – [title, WCM plug, guildname, CURRENTLY RECRUITING:  Resto Druids Holy Paladins Priests Enhance/Resto Shamans Warlocks]
[Exceptions for exceptional apps, classes needed subject to change]
[Patch 3.2.2]


01 INTRO :25

["If you want to do the best damage possible, you need to be able to master a complex rotation. This is one of the features that attracts players to the Feral spec." - Alex text-to-speech]

Welcome to the How To Feral DPS Guide. I’m Pär Larsson, or Coldbear [cold beer...] on US-Ravenholdt Alliance in the guild Renaissance.
I’ve played 5 feral druids to endgame, raided since MC & BWL back on Laughing Skull and also made a few movies.
[flash Coldbear]
[Every Boss In The Game 3.0.9]
[Fun In Ulduar]
[100 Dead Death Knights]
Some information in this video will be obsolete with new patches, but you will see simple terms at the bottom that you can google for up-to-date information.
For example, if you’re looking for a Feral PVP guide, google Starmist PVP.
[Google: Starmist PVP]

02 TALENTS/SPEC        00:30
03 GLYPHS                    01:35
04 BASIC HARDWARE            01:51
05 ROTATION                02:35
06 IMPLICATIONS                04:00
07 ADDONS                    04:55
08 GEAR                    07:25
09 ENCHANTS                08:45
10 GEMS                    09:25
11 PROFESSIONS                09:35
12 BOSS MECHANICS            09:50
13 THREAT                    10:00
14 TIME AWAY FROM BOSS        10:55
16 – PREDATOR’S SWIFTNESS        12:00
17 – CLUTTERED UI            12:20
18 – MACROS                13:00
20 – RAIDING GUILDS            14:30
21 – HYSTERIA                15:10
22 – OTHER HARDWARE            16:05
24 CONCLUSIONS            17:15
25 CREDITS 18:05



02 TALENTS / SPEC            :65

The basic feral dps spec is 0-55-16, but you can choose to do some passive healing, increase your survivability, do about 1% more single-target or 30% more cleave damage.
[FbN spec]
[Guide spec]
[CB spec]
[Disclaimer: as of 3.2.2]

Feral Aggression generally affects about a twentieth or less of your single-target damage – so max this out if your guild is stuck on a single-target progression fight for 1% more damage, otherwise go for Feral Instinct.
[flash FA tooltip]
…which increases Swipe damage by 30%.

[On an add-intensive fight like TOGC 25 Anub'Arak, Swipe can be upward of 55% of your damage.]
[Keep in mind that Cat Swipe has a range of 5 yards, only hits in a frontal 180 degree arc and is subject to AOE damage caps.]
[flash FI tooltip]

Survival Instincts is a cost-effective way to occasionally make up for a mistake or help out your healers.
[dead cat = no dps]
[flash SI tooltip]

Feral Charge is a huge amount of mobility – you might laugh, but I’ve seen Feral DPS’ers without it.
[flash FC tooltip]

Nurturing Instinct makes little difference for PVE raiding.
[flash NI tooltip]

Improved Leader of the Pack is useless if there is another feral in the raid with that talent.
[flash Imp LOTP tooltip]

My last point is in Infected Wounds for the few times that Frost Fever or Thunder Clap drops off, but is not necessary unless you raid without an Arms or Prot Warrior or Unholy/Frost DK or Prot Paladin. For max dps this point should be in Feral Aggression.

[flash IW tooltip]
[flash Protector of the Pack tooltip]

The tooltip on Protector of the Pack is misleading – the AP bonus is bear only.
[Thanks Astrylian.]

[flash Imp Mangle tooltip]
[Improved Mangle should always be taken.]
[…Unless you are rock-solid certain you won't have to attack from the front of anything AND you will be raiding with a full-time Trauma Warrior or a Feral Tank/Manglebot that is CERTAIN to stay alive and do his job on YOUR target.]

[Don't be stupid. Take Imp MOTW - it's a fairly large dps increase.]

[flash Genesis tooltip]
Genesis in the Balance tree does not increase Rake or Rip damage, the tooltip, again – is misleading.
[Genesis bible.jpg]

For further information and discussion on specs, see Elitist Jerks and the official forums.
[Google: Elitist Jerks Druid]

03 GLYPHS :15

Your major glyphs should be SR, Rip and Shred. Any other combination will give inferior pve dps results.
The proof is in Rawr and the FeralByNight thread on Elitist Jerks.
[Google: Rawr]
[Google: Elitist Jerks FeralByNight]

Feel free to argue with them.
Minor glyphs don’t really matter, but more Dash is more better imo.
[Dash pulse in out icon over dash.com]




It is possible to play a melee dps spec by using your keyboard to turn and the mouse to click skills. It is NOT possible to do this efficiently. If you’re a keyboardturning “clicker” and want to learn how to do things faster & better, play a first-person shooter game for a while. ANY first-person shooter game.


[Google: druid keybindings]
[Google: pvptutorial keybinding]
[Google: tankspot keybinds]

[Many players find the default "WASD" set up constraining, and re-bind their keys to "ESDF", with S and F for strafing - and just turn with the mouse. Your left hand stays stationary, but you have more keys within reach.]

It’s also possible to play WoW with the stock mouse that came with your computer, but it’s inefficient, slow and getting a good mouse can dramatically improve your gameplay for less than a 100 bucks. I used a Logitech MX Revolution for a lot of years, really liked the Microsoft Sidewinder and am currently learning the Razer Naga and digging it so far.

[Logitech MX Revolution]
[Razer Naga]
[Who the fuck is this autobot??]
[Microsoft Sidewinder]
[Google: gaming mouse]

Bind your most used abilities to the mouse buttons available. For example, I have my video recording on/off, focus-target, target-switch and autorun bound to mousekeys, with my quest/FFF/SR macro BOUND SO I CAN TRIP IT WITH THE inside of my index finger.


There is no rotation.

[FLASH: The rotation is a lie.jpg]

There is however a priority algorithm. The first lines are always more important, i.e. Mangle is more important than SR which is more important than Rake which is more important than Shred.

[Scroll the following slowly]
[icon pictures in order]

1. If you have 3 or more targets in range in front of you and it doesn’t matter which dies first, use Mangle to keep up SR and use Swipe (Cat) whether it’s talented or not. If you have two targets and it doesn’t matter which will die first, pick the one that will last the longest and proceed with single-target dps:
[3 targets]
[2 targets]
[1 target]

2. Keep up FFF unless you have a boomkin who puts up IFF in the first second or two – and keeps it up.

3. Keep Mangle up
[many 25man raids will have a Trauma-specced Warrior who does this automatically, or a Bear tank]

4. Keep SR up – you want 100% uptime
[Though in reality it will drop during Innervates/Battlerez/phase-changes/run-in-run-out mechanics etc]

5. Keep Rake up
[Rake may currently be bugged, don't clip it, the bleed may not refresh or even register at all]
[thanks Thundrul]

6. Shred
[a Rip-extending Shred may be higher DPE than Rake]

7. get 5 CP then Rip – unless Rip is already up, in which case pool energy and wait

8. if  <  30 Energy then Tiger’s Fury

9. if Clearcasting procs then Shred unless Mangle or SR is about to run out

10. if you have 5CP and there’s 8 seconds or more left on *BOTH* SR and Rip, then and only then Ferocious Bite
[probably 9 or more - what you really want is an easy 5 CP after, e.g. TF coming off cooldown et al]
[thanks Rolfcaron]

11. anticipate if SR and Rip will run out concurrently, and clip SR to desynchronize the timers with a low-Combo Point SR immediately.
[Clip SR, but don't clip Rip unless you're about to lose melee contact with the boss for an extended period of time, e.g. Onyxia flight phase, taking portal out of Yogg's brain room]

[shot of Onyxia taking off, clipping Rip]


12. Berserk as early and as often as possible unless:
a. save it to take advantage of a boss mechanic
b. try to stack with cooldowns like Hysteria or Shattering Throw
c. try not to Berserk within 6s after Tiger’s Fury except for the first one, nor at low Energy and not at above 85 Energy

[Do everything right, decent to good gear, static fight like GV - according to some calculations in SimulationCraft you could end up with 40% downtime, i.e. just pooling energy]



What are the implications of this algorithm?

1ST. Ferals require substantial ramp-up time before the damage really gets going, averaging approximately 5.5 seconds in melee range to get Mangle, SR, Rake and Rip up.

You want to draw your raid leaders’ attention to this if needed, so you don’t end up switching targets more than necessary, especially at low energy.

[Bluntly: ferals suck at dps on low-health targets that aren't grouped up in their 5-yard frontal arc]

[Other specs have little to no ramp-up time and much more burst-on-demand, but the situation and raid composition dictate tactics, which means you will have to do the best you can, given what the raidleader needs done.]

[phase 3 of Yogg-Saron - killing low-health adds is very inefficient for a feral vs. boss dps which is highly efficient - but plenty of other players would rather be smashing on the boss, too]


2ND. No other spec currently in the game needs to be behind its target to do competitive PVE damage.
If you’re the only feral dps then the raid may be better off positioning to your disadvantage, but if maximizing your dps becomes an issue, the raid may have to accommodate this unique positioning requirement.
Keep in mind that most raid leaders are stressed, don’t know everything about every class, rarely have perfect raid comps and face a lot of competing priorities.
Work with them and they might possibly work with you. Work against them and …well, you have fun with that.

[p3 Yogg-Saron, getting behind a huge boss]

[funny face or Ony wipe part]

3RD. You will not always be able to remember every step in the algorithm, but in the next section you will find solutions to this massive HEADACHE.



[Astrylian says: 4TH. This relatively high complexity pays off; you have the potential to top the charts on any fight without a gimmick stacked against you]

07 ADDONS :160

[raid footage without addons, add arrows to buffs, debuffs, CP's, raid frames etc.]

As you can see, it is possible to play as feral dps using only the stock UI. It’s just insanely, stupidly difficult to do so EFFECTIVELY.

Feral DPS players have to keep track of:
Combo points
[flash rapidly icons or funny pics]
Your health
The boss’ health
[The Office boss]
Who’s low on mana
Who’s dead
[skull & crossbones.jpg]

…and that’s on top of cooldowns, moving out of void zones, not pulling aggro, attacking the right target, adds, listening to calls over vent, make sure you’re behind the boss, running out, running in etc etc. JOHN FUCKING MADDEN.

[default 'radar' style of greying out a button when the skill is on cooldown, Blizzard devs - WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?]
[XT Ulduar shot from previous]
[swirling maelstrom]
[p2 Mimiron madness]
[p2 Iron Council medium]

Blizzard failed you. What YOU NEED is a more EFFECTIVE, more EFFICIENT way to display all this information.
[Hitman.jpg gun at camera]

BadKitty will help you keep track of buffs and debuffs, treats an Arms Warrior’s Trauma debuff as equivalent to your Mangle and keeps track of how many Shreds you have left to extend each Rip.

DroodFocus also does this, has tons of audio-visual options and keeps track of most everything else you need to know as a feral.

Other buff/debuff trackers like NeedToKnow, Elkano’s, Auracle, Power Auras, DoTTimer and Classtimer will also do the trick.
[Google: BadKitty]
[Google: DroodFocus]

The FeralByNight addon will keep track of the needed buffs & debuffs, count how many times you’ve Shredded each Rip (out of 3 possible), help you learn the dps priority algorithm and advice you on what to do when. Don’t mess with the weightings unless you REALLY know what you’re doing, though.
There is also a FeralByNight simulator in development but as of October 2009 it doesn’t have a fully developed user interface yet.

Eventually you will come to disregard many of the spell recommendations due to the nature of each specific fight, but it’s a VAST improvement over the stock UI or trying to follow a memorized 12-line algorithm in a hectic and extremely dynamic environment – you will get information overload and NOT benefit your raid as much as you could if you don’t learn this.

[If you follow the recommendations blindly you will do well but certainly not great, though you will learn a great deal either way.]
[Google: FeralByNight]

My addon choices are as lightweight as possible since my computer ain’t all that and I like to record video and audio while playing.
I use FBN, MoveAnything, Minimalist, Grid and Cooldowns to keep things simple, lightweight, low-maintenance and effective.

Astrylian, the author of Rawr, prefers EventHorizon, editing the config to show 1.5 seconds of the past, 18 seconds of the future, and setting the width to 250.

[Google: EventHorizon]

If you want something really cool-looking you can try the ForteXorcist addons.
[Google: ForteXorcist]
[ForteXorcist video demo crop]

My addon website of choice is WoWInterface.com, though some authors only have their addons listed on Curse, which likes to push software clients on you.

[Google: Wow Interface]
[Google: Curse Gaming]

Register on these two websites, find the addons you need, put them in your ‘favourites’ list and enable email notification of updates.
There is no need to use automatic installers that also use your WoW account and computer to gather information.
Addon authors also sometimes don’t receive any benefits from advertising or donations via automatic installers.


08 GEAR :140

What gear should I use and in what combination?
Short answer: Use Rawr, SimCraft, FbN or Toskk’s to figure out easy upgrades and what should stay in the bank.

[stop whining.jpg]

Because changing one piece of gear or buff/debuff will affect the relative value of all other gear.

[Google: Rawr]
[Google: Feral By Night]
[Long answer:]

[Reaching the hitcap is not necessary for max dps on static fights, but it's nice for dynamic fights or if you're a beginner. Normally the hitcap is 262 rating, but with a Draenei in your group it becomes 230.]
[Expertise is also nice but usually not as important as Armor Penetration or Agility.]

Rawr, FbN and SimCraft aren’t perfect, but using them is the only easy way to evaluate new gear that may or may not be an upgrade in some combination with other gear that you already have in the bank.

[Gear lists like Emmerald's, Think Tank and wowhead rankings - and the Agi/ArPen numbers given in the Cat DPS for Dummies thread are quick, simple and easy to understand, but don't take into account the rest of your gear or what you have to work with in the bank, nor help you figure out the opportunity cost of dropping a 2- or 4-piece tier set bonus.]

[If you try to max out ArPen you will sacrifice by banking gear that has a lot of Agi, Hit and Crit. If there's enough of the non-ArPen stats on a piece of gear you may be better off using the non-ArPen piece.]
[Google: Cat DPS for Dummies]

The best-in-slot cat idol is Idol of Mutilation which is currently STUPIDLY easy to get. Just run the daily heroic and anything that drops Triumph badges.

TOC 10p
TOGC 10p
Onyxia 10p & 25p
VOA 25p
…are currently puggable on most servers and have very good gear for ferals. Normal TOC 5-man has two of the best feral trinkets in the game as of 3.2.2 - it's a pushover and can be run as many times in a day as you can possibly stand.]

If you were around when IQQ and Magister’s Terrace launched, you’ll see a pattern here. 5- and 10-person instances released late in an expansion cycle have disproportionately good gear.

Your raiding flask is Endless Rage, and food should be Agility or ArPen in accordance with Rawr or FBN.
The difference is likely to be just a few dps points, so don’t worry too much about it.
Fish Feasts are nice but not optimal, so for hard mode and progression fights you need to be ready with the easily available better food if you want to do your best.
[fish feast.jpg]

On a progression fight you might use two Potions of Speed per serious attempt – one right before going into combat and one during any burst dps availability like Hysteria/Shattering Throw or increased-damage boss mechanic.


09 ENCHANTS ::45

Head – Revered with The Knights of the Ebon Blade. {PRONOUNCED AS IN ‘EBONY’}
Shoulder – Exalted with The Sons of Hodir unless you have Inscription.
Back – 22 Agility unless you have Engineering or Tailoring.
Chest – 10 Stats
Wrist – 50 AP unless you have Leatherworking.
Feet – Icewalker unless you have Engineering.
Legs – Icescale Leg Armour unless you have Leatherworking.
Hands – 20 Agility unless you have Engineering.

Weapon – Mongoose unless you have extremely good gear and SimCraft, Toskk, Rawr or FBN tells you otherwise or you DESPERATELY want a minor increase from the expensive Berserking enchant.
Again, your other gear will determine the value of Mongoose vs. Berserking or even Executioner at very high ArPen levels.
For me the difference is only 5-10dps – and I’m CHEAP.


10 GEMS :20

Check Rawr, Toskk, FbN.

[Starting to see a pattern here yet?]

Epic Arpen gems, Epic Agility or Agi/Crit gems. One day of running daily quests should net you enough to buy two epic gems.


Your helm should always contain a Relentless Earthsiege Diamond.

[Astrylian says: "They should use Rawr to be sure, but typically the best gemming configuration is a Nightmare Tear in the blue socket with the best socket bonus, agi/hit or agi/crit or agi/haste (ask Rawr) in yellows with good socket bonuses, and agi or arpen in the rest."]



For min/maxed raiding you’d want to have the Blacksmith/JC combo.
Other professions might be more fun or cheaper, though.
I like to have fun and I’m lazy, so I’ll stick to
Engineering but will drop Mining when I’m not too busy making this damn videos.




All the gear and skill in the world won’t help you if you don’t know the fight mechanics. Read up on the fight and watch a video or two before the raid, use Berserk asap unless there’s a time in the fight when the boss takes extra damage.
[Google: Tank Spot]
[Google: Wow Wiki]
[Google: Bosskillers]
[Google: StratFU]
[Google: <insert>]
[pics each]


13 THREAT :45

Cower, the feral threat reduction skill, only lowers your threat by a flat 2432, which is a silly low number, less than the average white auto-attack. It doesn’t scale at all, which means as everyone’s gear gets better it just gets WORSE.

[flash Cower tooltip]
[sorry devs, that's just bloody stupid]

You’re better off just pulling out to save energy, since in the GCD that you use Cower, you will also auto-attack, immediately negating the threat-reduction.

This is where adds become important – go attack some adds whenever you can if you know threat will be an issue.
For groups of 3 or more you want to keep SR up and Swipe away, but if they die too quickly just concentrate on keeping SR up and maybe look for someone to Innervate or BattleRez.

Yes, it’s entirely possible for Feral DPS’ers to be top on threat but behind especially Rogues in damage, even with equivalent gear and skill.

Plan accordingly, and ask for Vigilance or Hand of Salv or just back off. Make sure Hunters are Misdirecting and the Rogues use Tricks of the Trade on the tank.
Watch out or the Blood DK might try to get you to pull aggro by giving you Hysteria even when you don’t ask for it.


…is time best spent glancing at your raid frames to see who’s out-of-mana [Innervate!] and who’s a likely target for a battlerez – generally dead healers or top dps players.

Your raid members will have to be coaxed into asking for early Innervates. If you don’t use Innervate on a progression fight, you’ve wasted a significant amount of class synergy, and always try to Innervate a battle-rezzed mana user, though they will usually pop a potion or cooldown right after.
For this I have Grid set up to put a purple dot on whoever is below 40% mana.

[whatsisname go Nova]
[skulls & crossbones.jpg]
[Gandalf OOM]



[hard modes, progression fights with players reliable enough that switching them out won't make much difference]

0. Pop a Potion of Speed as close as possible to, but still before entering Combat.

[Assuming you can rely on not having aggro issues early. The tank will probably be popping a potion as well assuming he's good at his job.]

1. FFF unless a boomkin will apply IFF in the first seconds and keep it up
[if necessary use FC to close the gap]

2. Mangle
[do NOT bother with Pounce or Ravage, they are net dps losses, see EJ for further information]

3. SR and from now on – if Clearcast then Shred

4. Rake

5. immediately Tiger’s Fury, but you must press the button after the Rake

6. Berserk – This immediately drops the TF buff but it’s more important to get Berserk on cooldown asap.

7. Continue with the regular DPS priority algorithm as described earlier.

[hard mode.jpg]

[oh yeah yello]



[flash tooltip]
The Predator’s Swiftness buff now allows us to instantly battlerez someone. Make sure Rebirth is easily accessible somewhere not on your primary Action Bar, as you need to be able to just press the hotkey without having to shift out first.

Cyclone, Roots and Abolish Poison/Remove Curse/max-Healing Touch and Innervate should ideally also have buttons not on your form-specific Action Bar, though with the massive amount of different skills a feral druid has to keep track of, this is easier said than done.


No-one likes a UI that’s so cluttered that you can only see a small portion of what’s going on.
[pics from Ren forums]

Watch the UI tutorials made by Daniel Moy and then decide how you’d prefer to deal with this issue.
His UI philosophy translates very well to a feral dps pve environment.
[Google: pvp ui tutorial]

I like to keep my patch-day mayhem to a minimum and the most important information within a short radius of where my eyes are usually focused on the screen.
That is:
positioning/situational awareness
bossfight event timers
player hp/mana
target hp
buff/debuff timers
battle-rez targets
Innervate targets

Scrolling combat text is a good tool, but if you like to keep your number of addons to a minimum you’ll find it useful to only display the information you really REALLY want or your screen will just become a cascading waterfall of green text.

[Any ideal Feral UI would also make it easier to keep track of some important buffs and debuffs from other players.
Horn of Winter
Sunder Armour
Totem of Wrath/Heart of the Crusader/Master Poisoner
Blood Frenzy/Savage Combat Poison

[not mine AHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAAaaaahmmmph /sigh /headacheface]


18 – MACROS :75

If you want to be successful at feral dps, you will have to learn how to use Macros.

[Google: wowwiki druid macro]


#showtooltip Berserk
/use Berserk
/use [nostealth] 10
/w Kastille BERSERK A GO GO
/use Sulfuron Slammer

This will use Berserk, notify my regular Blood DK, activate my Engineering hand tinker, and maybe have a little fun at the same time.
This macro gets more fun the longer the fight, and really brings out the graphics on Onyxia’s Deep Throat Ability!

[arrow - hey! You missed a space there!]

/use [mod:alt] 10; Mangle (Cat)()

This will start auto-attacking if I don’t have enough Energy to Mangle, and has a modifier to use an Engineering tinker.
All your non-stealth direct damage melee hotkeys should have a /startattack in them.

/cast [stealth] Pounce; Rake

This will Pounce if in stealth or Rake if not, and show the correct icon and tooltip.
It’s simple to do the same for Shred and Ravage.

/use [form:1/3] Faerie Fire (Feral)()
/use [form:0/4/6] Faerie Fire

This will put up Faerie Fire no matter what form you’re in.

You can also use various modifier keys, but that’s too much of a pain for me.
[keyboard ballet.jpg]

With 10 slots on your primary Cat Action Bar and EIGHTEEN
[EIGHTEEN?? You gotta be kidding me!?]
cat abilities you simply have to find a way to double up some skills on the same hotkeys.

This doesn’t even begin to count various on-use trinkets and gear.
Experiment and search Wow Wiki, the EJ and official forums for macros that suit you.

Count yourself lucky – at least you don’t have to deal with Powershifting anymore!

[turbo.jpg + manual shifter.jpg + vroom vroom]



Wow Web Stats
Wow Meter Online
World Of Logs


…all serve as central data collection hubs on the web where your raid members can analyze individual and group performance after the raid.

How to use these different websites is complicated and beyond the scope of this guide, though you should at least learn how to check your SR uptime on any fights which don’t require significant time away from melee range.

Anything less than 90-95% on those types of fight means you’re doing something wrong.

[Another easy thing to check is how often you Berserked on a fight. If the fight lasted 3 minutes and 30 seconds and you only Berserked once, then you probably ****ed up.]

[Thanks Allev]

7 minute fight? Probably should have Berserked three times.

If you want real-time feedback you need to use an instant combat log-parsing damage meter like Recount.



You’re not downing bosses alone. Wiping for hours or days with people you don’t care about isn’t fun.

[300 attempts on M'uru anyone?]

Few people keep playing the same game for years and years unless they’re doing it with the same people.

All raiding guilds generally look for the following:
Proof you can do your job.
Drama-free, low maintenance.
You don’t cause trouble.
You’re not annoying in vent.
Willingness to learn.
Knowledge of the class, spec and raiding mechanics and the ability to back up opinions with supporting documentation or theorycrafting evidence.

[semper gumby.jpg]
If the raid doesn’t happen, then your performance is moot. If you can offer to tank or heal or boomkin or log your geared alt when needed, that will definitely help out.

You’re always on time.
Always prepared.
Always flasked with best buff food available.
You always know the fight, have read up on the progression boss and watched a few videos.
You NEVER /afk during a raid unless on a scheduled break.

[RNA app]

21 – HYSTERIA :60


Assuming the player is already doing near-top dps, as of patch 3.2.2 Cat Druids are arguably the best choice for Hysteria – doing purely physical dps and able to stack Berserk and on-use items with it.
Other classes’ burst dps cooldowns don’t stack with Hysteria or a significant portion of their damage is elemental.

Realistically the minor damage differential between you and a Blood DK isn’t crucial unless you’re attempting content that’s at the limit of what your guild can handle. You might very well see more of a dps increase by min/maxing your professions.

[or LEARNING TO PLAY, dumbass...]

Keep in mind that one of your responsibilities as a raider is staying on good terms with the rest of the guild and topping a damage meter means NOTHING compared to a progression boss kill, but it’s worth putting this line in your Berserk macro:
[/w <name> BERSERK A GO GO!]

Be sure to stop the spam after a raid, easily done by putting a space between the slash and the ‘w’.
[Opening macro window...]

A Potion of Speed can also be stacked with Hysteria or Shattering Throw.
[icon x100 zooming away in loop]
[mass hysteria logo stacked around screen]

It’s also possible to stack weapon-enchant procs and trinket procs with Berserk and/or Hysteria, but that involves keeping track of internal cooldowns and is way too much hard work for me.

[Do yourself and the rest of us a favour if you're not already doing near-top dps. Don't bother the Blood DK.]



[Best Buy.jpg]

If you spend 100 dollars to acquire a second monitor you will be able to do research and browse the internet or …whatever during downtime in the game.

[flash Hello Kitty Online screen, cuts, fade to Thomas Mathew photograph]
[Google: Thomas Mathew Photography]
[how you doin.wav]

[play part of Onyxia wipe animation in picture-in-picture over EJ scrolling]

A good keyboard is also a must.
I use a Bella DV video editing keyboard, with big buttons and function keys spread apart in groups – good for people with big hands and fingers.

The stock Apple Macintosh keyboard, for example, is a high-concept design that looks great and chicks dig it …but, eh, NO – NOT GONNA WORK.



[lab technician.jpg]

To keep up with new developments and patches you go to Elitist Jerks,
[Google: Elitist Jerks]
[start slideshow, zoom rule funny]

register, log in, go to the Druid Forum, open every thread you’re NOT interested in, click Thread Tools, click Ignore Thread

and then just visit once in a while, especially a little while after a patch once the really knowledgeable people [nerds.jpg]
have had time to figure out the new mechanics and priorities.

[using tools like SimulationCraft, FbN simulator and other stuff that's way over my head]

Post there at your own risk, you will receive infractions and anything less than intelligent, informed & relevant discussion is simply not tolerated.

[Eat. My. Shorts. audio over regular w/e feral stuff.]
[Breakfast Club clip you just bought yourself another Saturday]

The moderators there are simply put – jerks.


You can also follow various blogs and websites, stop by the official forums
or just read Wow.com.

Some really good feral blogs currently active are Think-Tank, Flyv and Feral Aggression.
[Google: Think Tank]
[Google: Flyv]
[Google: Feral Aggression]



“Practice. I’ve spent upward of 50 hours on a target dummy in Stormwind since the launch of WotLK practicing feral dps. The result is that I perform VERY well for the gear that I have. Being good at feral dps means thinking about your buffs/debuffs 10-15 seconds in advance.” – Gwindor

Being of maximum benefit to your raid in a progression raiding guild means continually striving for excellence by learning new skills, strats, techniques, gearing priorities and how to better help your guild.

[Book cover - Search(?) For Excellence]

Topping the damage meters is usually determined by who you raid with, the raid comp and buffs/debuffs available, threat issues, the mechanics of a given fight, whether you do hard mode runs every week and what class happens to be OP at the moment.

What really matters though – is being so good that you can make up for others’ mistakes.

Any mistakes in this video are purely the responsibility of the author. Anything that’s correct is a credit to the numerous people who have helped me over the years. Peace out.

[Advanced topics not covered:
Bleeding-edge content
Making money to support your feral raiding main
Real-time performance analysis
Stacking internal and on-use cooldowns
ArPen vs. Agility
Colliding timer cycles
Target-switches and debuffs.]




(You should go watch his video, called “How To Feral”. No, I’m serious. Like, right now.)


Red Bull – a total of 3 cases of Red Bull was consumed by the author during the editing of this movie
EJ Druid forum
The old EJ Feral Druid Megathread people
Boro – N E V E R [pic in pic]
Ferahgo – N E V E R
Boevis [pic]
Faux the Banana Boyz druid who walked in and tanked Ony for us like it was nothing, back when druids didn’t tank much at all.
Phanx, Maia, Pastamancer
Clan Battlehammer
The Dark Passion
Shadows and Dust
ThinkTank blog
Nancy Cho a.k.a. hikari-chan on deviantArt
Dr. SMOOV – Transformers Remixer
Whoever made the Simplified Cat Raid DPS Flowchart.
All my raid leaders over the years – Karoshi, Cocoa, Aliyrra, Sarador, Avandar, Valkorr, Faithfury, Panzer, Katzeus, Grimsaalindre and Voki.
Everyone who’s ever helped me on Ravenholdt.
Everyone who’s ever helped me in <Renaissance>.
Everyone who’s ever helped me.
**** the rest.

No Rights Reserved, but please blame me if you use my work.


Paladin    Holy
Shaman    Enhance/Resto
Warlock    Open
Classes needed changes weekly, so check our website. And even if your class is closed, exceptional applicants will be considered.

[Google: Renaissance Ravenholdt]

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* CB06 Waterfalls Jumps COMING SOON

No-action, no pvp, no pve movie featuring druids and shamans in animal form jumping waterfalls and some trick jumps and a tiny bit of exploration. Ok, I lied. One pvp fight at the end, and a tussle in Org in the middle.

* RIP Daily Heroic Meeting Stone

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* Bugs – collection of things that annoy me in game, which shouldn’t be of interest to anyone else. Devs, maybe.

* World solo pvp video.

F*** your instanced on-rails, objective-based pvp. F*** doing the same old thing in WG over and over again.

* Guild video?

* Enemy city solo pvp video?

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Funny how me controlling whose comments are shown on Youtube drastically cuts down on the amount of hate and internet idiocy there. I approve 99.9% of all comments I get – (feel free to test me by posting “it sucks” or similar on one of my videos), and it’s a vast improvement over the rest of the Youtube or WarcraftMovies (WCM) comments you read.

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