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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/

Fury Warrior with full BOA gear in BGs from lvl 10 through 29, after that it becomes …not all that much fun anymore.

Tooling around on a 71 feral druid tricked out in mostly BOA and AH stuff, learning PvP all over again in BGs. I never really became good at PvP, plus the spec kinda held me back a little bit maybe, so I’m hoping this learning experience will enable me to take my main and kick some butt inside cities for a last movie. Or not.

Still unhappy with the way they went with instanced content and cross-server content at the expense of server communities and the WORLD of WARcraft. I never really cared much for the “craft” part of WoW. But I did care about the WORLD and the WAR.

Now I’m in BGs fighting people named “Television” and “Hahahahaha”?? “Ipwnsomuc”?

Not interested in playing long-term anymore.

Happened on some interesting tidbits about how Alterac Valley and WSG was originally meant to be *IN* the game-world, but they had to go the instanced way since they couldn’t make it even remotely fair. Which is understandable. Hat’s off to the developers for making a great game that’s insanely successful.

Funny how I’ve been playing for five years, mostly on, a bit off – and I still consider myself a PvP noob. I have flashes of brilliance though. Winning a 3v1 against higher-levels on my Fury Warrior in WSG. Sure, gear was a part of it, split-second timing and stance-dancing another part. Jumping from the bottom to the top of the WSG flag room is kinda cool, too.

EDIT: “Turdnugget”, “Analdespair”?? Have fun guys, you all enjoy this game. Are you seriously telling me it’s too much for Blizzard to disallow terms like “Turd” and “Anal” in the character name creation filters? You gotta be kidding me. Or maybe I’m just too old and cranky and don’t realize that “It’s just a game”.

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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/


The following is the text of what I originally wrote as my reasons for leaving the game when the Acct Mgmt page asks you why. Apparently it’s too long and the page just reboots when you put this in and try to cancel. So I’m posting here and trying to cancel without giving a reason or somesuch. Acct time runs out June 30th iirc. Hopefully by then I’ll be well on my way to do the irl pvp thing.


TLDR: Lack of a “WORLD” in the world of warcraft. Plus pushing the enforcement of server rules, naming rules, forum moderation onto the player base. Specifically the Naming Policy, with grumpy old me just not happy with seeing people run around with racist or sexual or massively-high-ASCII names.

Log in.
Instanced raid.
Instanced arena.
Instanced BG.
Instanced dungeon.
Log out.

Sound like fun and interesting MMO story-driven gameplay to you?

Take away the teleports. Make BGs a part of the open world. Make raids a part of the open world. Make flying mounts just as dangerous as ground mounts. Give everyone a way to dismount people hovering afk. Give everyone an auto-parachute. Stop faction transfers. Promote server communities instead of battlegroup anonymous instanced content. Stop people posting on alts.

What’s the lore justification for being able to click a button and teleport out of a dungeon or Wintergrasp?

You’re right, there isn’t one. It’s not a story anymore. It’s not a world anymore. It’s just a collection of instances with some fancy scenery in between.

You ban me from the forums but prefer to keep the anonymous alts posting hate and vitriol. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll be very successful with the convenience now-first-last-and-always crowd. RP rulesets that aren’t enforced unless players complain??

How many character names do you expect me to report every day? 10?

At which point does too much become TOO MUCH?

Players on Normal and PVP servers are there because they don’t care if someone is named “Darthbunny” or “Arthasxxlol” or “éûzzøolπ”. But there’s absolutely no support whatsoever of naming regs on RP and RP-PVP servers. “Turdburglar”? “Skinheadswp”? “Analboi”?

You push ALL of the responsibility for this onto the playerbase, and I’m not interested in fighting that uphill battle anymore. I no longer care about the environment on my server, since every single dungeon and BG I go into has people from different rulesets that I only see for a few minutes and then never again. Seen a few names now with one or two normal characters and the rest high-ASCII. What?

World pvp.
Tight-knit server communities.
Rivalries. Vendettas. Faction pride.

Congratulations, you’re hugely successful. But this game isn’t for me anymore.

Minor issues:

Tauren on flamingoes and dragonhawks. Graphics clipping. Invisible walls. Easy Raider ™. Lack of an Algalon unlockable encounter in ICC. Stop-gap stuff like the Argent Tournament. Lolburstlolpvp. Homogenizing classes. Overloading my UI and my skills at macro’ing together the 20-30 abilities I use on a regular basis in or COMING OUT OF cat form. And now you want to just add some more stuff? Mushrooms?? Life Grip? (A.k.a. “Griefer’s Paradise”). Greater Internet F***wad Theory haven on server and other forums. Sure the game is tons better now than it was back at 60 and pre-60. But it was also a WORLD back then. Now it’s just a collection of instances with some fancy stuff in between.

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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/




1. Diddle tells Paus. Paus creatively uses a game mechanic and is banned for 3 hours.

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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/

Disc priest (pretty much any priest that you don’t specifically KNOW to be Shadow or Holy – i.e. most any priest that didn’t just step out of a raid instance or that you see in Shadowform. Yeah. GG brother.)

Paladin – forget it dude, even if you get the drop on him when he’s at 20% health.

DK in Frost Presence? Swirling bones means he’s Unholy. Diseases that last for OMG how long that you can do almost approximately jack squat about. Diddly-squat. Gargoyle. Stunsalot permanent pet. Unless you think you can get the kill in the first ten seconds or he’ll forget to self-heal for 40% of his health with Dark Pact don’t even.

Resto Shaman

Resto Druid

…unless you vastly outgear them or have mad skills. Everything else is at least POSSIBLE.

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Yo, dude.

CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/


30 Core of Earth

60 Gyrochronatom

60 Fused Wiring (120 Essence of Fire, 90 Delicate Copper Wire (180 Copper Bars and an alt with lvl 1 JC))

240 Mithril Bars

30 Truesilver Bars

30 Heart of Fire

30 Big Iron Bombs (45 Iron Bars + 45 Heavy Blasting Powder + 15 Silver Contacts)

Now go make 30 each of Lil’ Smoky and Pet Bombling (schematics easily had after 30min of googling the drops and running Gnomeragan) and send the BOE pets to all the people who have ever helped you out on the server. I guarantee that the vast majority of them will be happy and like it. Hop to it.



Go switch professions to something that’s actually FUN. You know, like this game used to be?

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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/


HTF2 plug (and a much better movie): http://www.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=142717


Actual post (sick of me plugging stuff yet?):

1. Shut up that damn login-screen dragon roar. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info11123-SilentLoginScreen.html

2. A worthy successor to Dopefish. http://www.youtube.com/user/EnhacementReznik Do NOT miss his top of Karazhan and Emerald Dream exploration videos.

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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/





macro guide: http://www.filefront.com/14457617/macroguide_of_How_to_Feral.doc/

Starmist’s blog: http://pajay.blogspot.com/

More footage: http://www.wegame.com/users/pajay/videos/

HTF2 wallpaper, right-click hit "View Image" or similar for full size


“You can be the most badass cowboy on the entire fucking battlegroup but if people don’t like raiding with you, you’re going no where.” – Kastille

I’d rather not work with a RL who cares more about “his” loot or “his” legendary than they care about progression or the other 24 raiders.

“Trust me, man – if I thought us doing this [to get jackass his something for the Legendary on un-killed progression boss rather than wait for next week] was going to be the difference between killing him (her, actually), I’d say fug it! But it won’t, and we don’t have to do anything that holds us back on dps, we just have to do [this and that and yada yada special procedure early in the fight that slightly lowers our dps] …” – roughly paraphrased.

Trust me, if I thought me not being there would be the difference between killing the boss or not, I’d change my plans and not /gquit.

Ok, that last part was a bit facetious. But that’s about what I was told by several different people when I said we should just try to kill the boss this week.

I’ll be almost exclusively world pvp’ing until I either go away for Army fun or Cataclysm hits. Yeay.

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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/



I’m now in charge of WoW development.

And you’re not gonna like it.

Blizzard is gonna lose about 3-4 miiiillllliooon subscribers.

Arenas are now situated in the open world. There’s about 50 more “arenas” added. In the center of any designated arena spot is a pole. Get more than 50 yards from the pole and you will lose the match within 30 seconds. Still battle-group-wide though. Someone interferes – here comes The Cleaner.

BGs are now real zones. WG-style Tenacity buffs in each. You have the choice to queue for a server-BG or battlegroup-BG, but not both at once – too complicated. If server you get Tenacity, and the buff is balanced on both vehicles and players. The buff will be adjusted until every single realm is within +/- 5% win/loss ratio no matter what the population imbalance is.

You have a choice of whether to queue for arenas, BGs and dungeons with only server people or battlegroup-wide.

Each neutral or contested zone now gets Tenacity buffs. Each minor town is now capturable, with the old questgivers relocated to nearest non-occupied friendly town.

Flying mounts are now affected by Fatigue, and can only hover in place or fly for so long. Any person dismounted receives an automatic parachute. Every single class gets a way to dismount people.



World PVP all of a sudden becomes just as much of a priority as rated arenas and rated BGs. Achievements fall like rain. Most achievements are only doable with no Tenacity buff. If you click off Tenacity you won’t get it back til you hit another zone – with a 20min cooldown.

You may now loot maximum of 10g from each dead enemy player. Each player can choose how much gold to keep in the bank and how much to carry. Screw that, too problematic. The last part, that is. You still lose 10g every time you get killed. Feel free to take the open free transfer to a PVE server, as long as you move to the underpopulated side of one of them.

No more teleports straight to dungeons. You will have to use a Meeting Stone. We just lost 3 million subscribers.

No more Sanctuary auras. Tons of new guards in a few places – that go straight through Feign Death, Vanish, Shadowmeld and all that. Flying guards. You will get omgwtfpwnt if you try to start **** in Dalaran.

No more invisible walls or floors. If you can see it in the game world – then it’s most likely solid, unless deliberately designed and visually indicated otherwise. VISIBLE walls implemented in areas of ICC and Ahn’Kahet and whatnot where people could exploit. Places where a player needs to fall without taking damage (TOGC etc) will have a narrow pit at the top, or a funnel-type mechanism to make sure you land where we want you to land. Areas with no NPCs and no real reason for anyone to go there are now open for exploration – as long as there’s no competitive advantage to be had from going there, in which case there’ll be a visible wall, or big nasty The Cleaner types.

Racial leaders now gain in strength with each new release of gear and tiers and stuff. Successful defenses give buffs. Same thing with all mobs inside BGs.

Every single tower and building in the world now has a usable door and a way to get up and down.

Tons of new hidden staircases and paths added to enable you to reach the top of every mountain in game.

All Draenei Shamans will be give ONE free class change and the option to faction transfer. If they do not choose they will become Paladins.

All Blood Elf Paladins will be give ONE free class change and the option to faction transfer. If they do not choose they will become Shamans. This will be the only way to be a BE Shaman.

Paladins are now Alliance-only.

Shamans are now Horde-only.

Sorry, no Worgen or Gobbo Death Knights. Lore is lore and up yours, script kiddie. No more spaceships, either. Technology is funky and cool and not completely understood and breaks and explodes all the time and is pretty much dwarves, gnomes and goblins only.

Each new raid instance will have a super-cool ultra mega extra boss like Algalon. That’s only unlocked after you do X, Y and Z achievements or w/e. All other tuning issues remain about the same.

You will have a new opt-in feature to join a Bounty-Hunter board. Depending on things like your activity and enemy kills, you will reach the top of the board. Once you’re there you’re all of a sudden worth about 20, 000 Honor and 1000 Arena Points.

World PVP kills are now tracked separately from BG HKs.

The official forums are revamped on the model of the Wowhead comments sections. Each CM can spend 10 000 points daily, and remove all accumulated points with a single click. Each player can spend 10 points daily. One-click reporting enabled. People who gain the most points get a tiny tiny cosmetic posting buff. Insightful/witty commentary is rewarded. You can only post with the character on your account that’s the most progressed in either pvp or pve or both – your choice.

The name filter now kills all names containing “lol” or “arthas” or “xx” or anything that’s been deemed unacceptable in the past, and all attempts at camouflaging a name with high-ASCII accented letters is treated as the normal letter. Basically a giant list is built up with each and every name reported. No more “Turdburglar the Patient” in BGs.

Players and NPCs can no longer walk through each other. If someone tries to block you, you get a button to enable 20 seconds of walking straight through stuff. Disabled around Auctioneers and the like. The button doesn’t work if there’s enemy players around. Collision Avoidance – that’s what it’s called. Took me forever to remember.

All players and NPCs now turn a bit more realistically – it takes about a second to turn 360 degrees.

Missiles and arrows and bullets no longer go through terrain. You can now dodge behind a tree to avoid a few things here and there.

Flying monsters all of a sudden appear in the skies of Northrend and Outland and Old Azeroth and begin attacking unwary players, who are forced to the roads and established “cleared” paths patrolled by friendly forces.

You cannot queue for a dungeon unless you’ve first completed it after actually physically going through the entrance. You can’t even get summoned there via Meeting Stone of by a warlock (within a 300-yard radius or so).

All items which give instant teleports are re-balanced WITHOUT the teleport.

Blizzard now publishes weekly statistics on BGs, Arena, World PVP and WG.

Faction transfers are put on indefinite hold, unless you’re going TO a side on a realm that’s designated as BADLY HURTING.

Same thing with server transfers. Come to think of it, these are allowed, but only when you’re going to the under-populated side.

New official machinima forum.

You can now use all the titles you have ever earned on an account on any character.

World PVP is now rated. Somehow. Haven’t quite figured out how – but if the devs can figure out how to balance arena and rated BGs they can figure that one out too.

Neutral Goblins are in charge of Bounty-Hunting and Arena.

Each major city gets a nice thing like the Ironforge trench where attacking players can drop aggro on guards.

Old Ironforge is a new arena, and open to the general public.

Taurens can no longer ride ostriches or horses.

Orcish shoulderpads are now reasonably-sized.

No more items are implemented that clip a player character.

Same with mounts.

Every single item or skill that had a ridiculous graphical effect like Mangle now has a more reasonable “realistic” effect like Rake/Rip/Claw/Shred.

Every single new raid now has something fun & cool for healers like the Dreamwalker fight.

Every single frame on the UI is now movable. Reset button included. Individual frames can be reset, as well. Specific buffs/debuff icons can now be move independently and resized etc.

Both the PC and the Mac version now comes with a BASIC built-in recording feature.

Boss mod timer addons are rendered obsolete with new slightly-random mechanics timing thingies.

Threat meters destroyed.

All the functionality of Grid and similar raid frames now comes standard.

Every patch now has a summonable open-world raid boss, protected by a layer of NPCs that make sure each raid gets a fair shot with only so much interference “outside the bubble”.

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CB06 Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/



CB07 preview:

No music
no editing
just raw audio/video that I’m sending to Bizzlesnaff to see if he likes it

OP Tenacity lol
afk flying mount mother****ers getting what they deserve get off my godd***n pvp server you ****ing ****s
copy-cat(!) BG shot of Starmist’s much-better “How To Feral” pvp video
bonus twink rogue fun visuals

gonna be awhile til the full movie, got a lot of arena points to accumulate first, then see you in Orgrimmar and TB





Legal Notice from the Complaints Department:
This movie contains no arena, no über gear, no new stuff, no boss kills, no pve, no anything that anyone looking for these things would be even remotely interested in. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Tech specs:
1280*720 HD, 3000kbps data rate, H.264 codec, MP4 format, 20-24fps, 67MB pushed to the limit, no UI, all cinematic.

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Plug: http://www.filefront.com/15711541/CB06-Waterfalls-Exploration-2200a.mp4/


  1. Adventures of Karlfriend. Buy Karlchants or get hit with big lead pipe! http://www.youtube.com/user/Quadstriker#p/u/0/VF7Q6aLRDqU
  2. Sebudai, Motivational Speaker of Juggernaut, Mal’Ganis



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